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headliner n : a performer who receives prominent billing [syn: star]

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  1. the "headlining" band or performer at a concert; the best known and first billed band, often performing as the final act of the evening
  2. uncountable the title of a television programme produced by Radio Television Hong Kong
  3. the interior fabric covering the roof of a vehicle

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A headliner is the fabric covering of the interior of an automobile's roof. It is normally made of lightweight fabric and may have an inner framework of stiff wire or a cardboard backing for stiffness. Headliners are normally made from a light-colored fabric. Because of its light-duty fabric, the headliner often wears out before other parts of the car's interior and needs replacing. Common reasons for headliner wear include age, extreme heat for extended periods of time, frequent and drastic temperature fluctuations, nicotine from cigarette smoke, and driving with the windows open a lot.
Most cars that are garaged have headliners that last longer than those kept outside.

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danseur noble, diva, feature attraction, first tragedian, heavy lead, hero, heroine, jeune premier, lead, leading lady, leading man, prima ballerina, prima donna, principal, protagonist, singer, star, superstar
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